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  • Type 98 Shin Gunto Japanese WWII Katana Replica *UPDATE*

    Several months ago, we announced that we will be having an almost exact replica of a Type 98 Shin Gunto Japanese WWII Katana. The photos we shown you were just the prototype. Now, our forge has finished with the final product. With the prototype, the fittings were patinated to give it a vintage...

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  • Samurai Katana Sword Philippines Review

    A visual and hands-on review of a "samurai katana sword" made in the Philippines By Aldwin P. (consumer, sword collector, Japanese martial arts practitioner) Last week, we went on a road trip to Baguio City to beat the summer heat. This is where I bought my first "katana" from when I started...

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    WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES Nope, this isn't an April Fool's post. I just came back from the hospital early this morning. We, at Geisha's Blade, cannot emphasize enough that SWORDS ARE NOT TOYS! This happened while I was trying to clean my Gin no Sakura Handachi. Despite my experience in handling...

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