Are you really getting what you’ve paid for on a “high quality hand forged katana”?


You can see a lot of hand forged katana being sold online priced over PHP 10,000 that are labeled as “high quality”. But are they really high quality? We’ve seen a lot of swords that are advertised as “high quality clay tempered T10 or 1095 katana”, but when you look closely, the samegawa (ray skin) on the tsuka are fake or synthetic.

It’s important to #changeoil… to prevent rusts on your real sword 😉

Maintenance is part of owning a real sword, as they will rust if not well taken care of. When maintained well, your sword will last a long time. Oil dries up in time, so it’s important to change it and apply a new one to protect the blade.

Blades of real swords will develop rust (if not well taken care of) and they’re also magnetic. They’re made of plain carbon steel or alloy steel (carbon steel with small amounts of alloying elements).

The blade above is from the Kamakura period. You can see that it’s almost completely covered in rust.

Here’s a side by side comparison of our Japanese Red Oak Bokken (Akagashi), Polypropylene Daito (PP Daito), and Polypropylene Katana (PP Katana).

The tsuba on all 3 can be removed and each includes a tsuba-dome (rubber stopper). Their overall length is pretty much the same, though the Akagashi’s blade length is a bit longer. All 3 have a nice blade curvature like a real katana.

What does it mean when a blade is “differentially hardened” or “through hardened”?

Differential Hardening is the process where the blade is heat treated so that the edge is harder than the spine and body of the blade. The spine and body of the blade are coated with a clay mixture, then heated and quenched. Please note that the term “clay tempered” is a misnomer. Tempering doesn’t use clay, it’s the hardening process that does. Tempering is a heat treatment process that softens the steel after it’s been hardened to prevent it from being too brittle.

Sad to say that the arrival of our new stocks will take longer than expected. They’ll probably be available by mid August 2021. Below are the following swords we’re expecting to arrive:

Machine made
• Sasuke Uchiha’s Sword of Kusanagi (black version)

“Don’t blame the sword if it cannot cut well, blame the wielder.” 😅

In every successful cut, there will always be some failed cuts. A compilation (2014-2020) of Aldwin’s failed cuts. Watch till the end.


Would you like to learn more about Aldwin of Geisha’s Blade back in the day?

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Good news!

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