Contest time! It’s been a while, and since most are at home during this lockdown, we thought it would be nice to hold one and help pass some of the time away.

What do you have to do? Write an article about us. What’s in it for you, you might ask? A hand forged, fully functional katana.

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Geisha’s Blade has always been in love with Japanese tradition, culture, and arts. Included in their list is kabuki, as a lot of popular stories about samurai and historical events in Japan have been played in its theaters. Kabuki is not only known for the stylization of its drama, but also for the elaborate makeup worn by some of its performers.

We’re giving away a FREE sword this Christmas. Check out the post on our Facebook page for the details.

It’s contest time again at Geisha’s Blade. For this contest, we won’t be requiring you to have a sword, wear a costume, and take a photo of yourself like in our Slash a Pose contest. But we would require you to wear your “thinking cap”.

monksPhoto of komusou, Fuke Zen priests, wearing tengai (woven straw hat) playing the shakuhachi flute in an effort to shut out the rest of the world.

Last December 17, 2013 we posted a photo of “Samurai Santa” on our Facebook page and asked people what Geisha’s Blade sword would they like to receive for Christmas? It was just a random question to see what swords people really like.

Halloween is just a few hours away and soon we’ll be seeing children dressed up as monsters, zombies, witches, ghouls, kings, queens, fairies, their favorite anime or superhero characters, etc. trick-or-treating and getting candies. But why let only the children have all the fun?