It’s been a very long wait, but production of our swords is almost done. However, only selected swords will be restocked. Below are the swords that we’re expecting to arrive hopefully by the end of July.

1045 – all swords with new designs
1060 – 2 new swords
1095 – Mizuchi Katana
T10 – Onmyoji Katana + 3 new designs

It’s that time of the year again when we’re expecting new swords/stocks to arrive! They were supposed to arrive by June/July, but we’re restocking a lot of swords and our forge wasn’t not able to finish them in time. We don’t want to rush the production, so they’ve been delayed a bit. Now we’re expecting them to arrive (hopefully) by September/October. At least you have plenty of time to save up for your favorite sword, or you can always avail of our Layaway Plan if you don’t have immediate funds. Anyway, below are the swords that we’ll be restocking as well as some new swords. A total of 30 different models! If you’re not familiar with the sword, you can click on the name and it will direct you to the item page or preview photo.

How would you like Geisha’s Blade to offer high quality Filipino swords (kris, kampilan, etc.) that are not only beautiful and fully functional, but also historically accurate? You may be thinking, aren’t the swords being sold locally already historically accurate? Unfortunately, they aren’t. The makers of the Filipino swords you see being sold by the roadside or in some stalls may have been able to copy what a Filipino sword looks like, but there are some inconsistencies with the dimensions and combination of the overall design. The swords we’ll be offering are not just based on photos, but on years and years of research (40 years to be exact), and on actual surviving examples from museums and personal collections. This means that the length, width, weight, handling, etc., are according to the swords used by our ancestors.

Hello everyone!

Our sincerest apologies if this newsletter arrived very late (our new stocks arrived a month ago). For those who have a Facebook account, this is already old news because we usually post product updates on our Facebook page in real time. But don’t worry, we still have a lot of stocks for the swords in this batch. Anyway, below are the swords that have arrived:

Hello everyone!

We apologize if this announcement was posted a little bit late. As most of you know, Geisha’s Blade is just a one-woman (Jaimee) and one-man (Aldwin) team, where the man literally does all the work! Then the newest member of the team, our 4-month old baby girl, Jinjer-Aimee has been taking a lot of time off of our hands. So we’re unable to post announcements and send newsletters on time.