Hello everyone! The long wait is finally over as our new stocks and new swords have finally arrived! However, it will take us several days or a couple of weeks to take photos of each new sword and upload them on our website. In case you don’t know, Geisha’s Blade is just a one-woman (Jaimee) and one-man (Aldwin) team, where the man literally does all the work! LOL! But in the meantime, we’ll be using the photos that our forge sent to us so you can already place your order. Below are the swords that we have in stock and are ready to be shipped or picked up:

After almost a year of posting our announcement regarding this katana, we have finally decided that we’ll be offering/making a 1060 Katana series with a real hamon! It took us this long to decide because when we posted about it before, we didn’t receive enough feedback. This will probably be available by August/September of this year and the price will be PHP 18,500.

We are currently designing a new katana dedicated to the upcoming movie: 47 Ronin (starring Keanu Reeves).

47 ronin

This would be the style of the tsuba and it is made of iron. On one side of the tsuba you’ll see Oishi Yoshio (the leader of the 47 ronin) and on the other side are the other ronins. Unfortunately, there are only half of the 47 ronins depicted on this tsuba as all 47 will not fit :p