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What’s Included?

• Brass awl and hammer (for removing mekugi on the tsuka)
• Bottle of oil
• Powder ball (for removing remaining old oil on the blade)
• Cotton cloth (for applying new oil on the blade)
• Tissue (for removing old oil)
• Wooden storage box

Please note that this kit is just for maintenance, for blades that’s just on display. This won’t really clean your blade after you’ve used it for cutting. We have one ourselves and we seldom use it. It’s just part of our sword display. We can provide you alternatives for cleaning your blade (after you’ve used it for cutting) that can be easily purchased at any supermarket. Though, it’s still nice to have this kit as you get to maintain your blade in the traditional manner.

3 reviews for Maintenance Kit

  1. JGM Doc Tore

    There are few things in this world where before you get it, there is a prerequisite. If you want to play golf, you need to learn Golf Etiquette first even before your first practice swing in the Driving Range. Similarly, before you buy a Katana, you should first learn how to clean & maintain it. So I bought a Sword Cleaning Kit to make my genuine Katanas last longer. Remember that in battle – as long as you take care of your equipment, your equipment will take care of you. My advice to future Katana owners and those who already are – BUY A SWORD CLEANING KIT AND USE IT REGULARLY. It’s also a nice display & statement that you do take care of your Katanas (even if you actually DO NOT).

  2. JGM Doc Tore

    To avoid accusations of plagiarism, I just want to point out that in my previous review above, the quotation on battle & equipment was from a Clone Trooper in Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Commando by Karen Traviss. I collect purely Star Wars stuff and the only reason why I have katanas and a yoroi is because Star Wars origins can be traced back to Japan. Lightsabers represented a futuristic katana while Darth Vader’s helmet & armor represented a futuristic yoroi including its kabuto. Even Jedi and Sith are futuristic Samurais and Ninjas. George Lucas got his inspiration from watching the Japanese film “The Hidden Fortress” by Akira Kurosawa in 1956. In fact, would you believe that the original plan in the ‘70s was for Star Wars to be filmed in Japanese language with English subtexts like original Anime videos at present? So for Star Wars fanatics like me, START COLLECTING KATANAS AND OTHER SAMURAI LORE OBJECTS!!! But start with a Maintenance Kit. You can buy an ordinary rag, oil, puff ball, powder, mallet, nail and put it in a wooden box. BUT IT’S EASIER TO JUST BUY an original authentic genuine Maintenance Kit from Geisha’s Blade! If you want to invest in Katanas, invest with this kit first.

  3. Ferdinand II (verified owner)

    Just got mine today after exactly 3 days from the time I ordered it here. I agree with Doc Tore. Maintenance is the key to prolonging anything. I’ll be using this kit for my future Geisha Blades (which is very soon), but for now, I’ll be using it on my personal Filipino bolo and Assassin Knife. 🙂

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