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Plastic Saya for Geisha’s Blade wooden bokkens, polypropylene daito, and polypropylene katana. Will also fit most standard size bokken.

Perfect for practicing sheathing/unsheathing of your bokken while practicing iai.


• Length: 30.5 inches
• Color: Black
• Finish: Textured
• Includes black nylon sageo
• Made of durable plastic
• Bokken not included
• Made in Taiwan

1 review for Plastic Saya for Bokken

  1. Ferdinand II (verified owner)

    The plastic saya arrived earlier while I was out running errands. When I received it, it was packed really well. Shipping items should always be done like this. Props to GB for shipping my item safely.

    This is basically my Christmas gift for myself. So the tightly packed bubble wrap was, in a funny way, something that’s quite similar to opening a well-wrapped gift. 🙂 The saya had no major physical issues of any kind (like a crack in the plastic), save for some minor scratches. The sageo (more like a ribbon) was already unbraided on one end. It doesn’t really matter to me because I’ll be replacing it with a real sageo anyway, so the ribbon went straight to my bin.

    I tried sheathing my GB bokken into it, but it was quite loose. It also wasn’t a problem for me because I had a similar issue with my iaito. The solution – add a shim, which I did. In that regard, I think I added too much that the entry into the saya was a bit too tight for the bokken near the tsuba. Anyway, that was a minor thing as well.

    Overall, no major complaints here. It does what it should do, and I’m a happy samurai camper. It’s just too bad that the bokken tsuba with dome that should make my bokken fit this saya is out of stock. Good job for bringing this in, GB! It’s definitely a need for every iaido practitioner who often practices battoho and kata using a bokken.

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