Shogun Vertical Sword Stand

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Display your sword like a true Shogun with this vertical sword stand!


*swords not included

• Height: 23 inches
• Base: 29.5cm x 15cm x 2.5cm
• Finish: Matte black finish
• Material: Wood

• Can be disassembled
• Swords not included
• Packaging: carton box

2 reviews for Shogun Vertical Sword Stand

  1. JGM Doc Tore

    I initially bought the Kuro Shirasaya (plain black) Katana. After a few weeks, it seemed lonely so I additionally bought the Kuro Shirasaya (plain black) Wakizashi to make it a Daisho (paired long & short sword). After a month, they seemed incomplete so I bought again the Aikuchi (black with kurikata) Tanto. Of course, I had to display them so I bought the 3-Tiered Katana Kake (all black Sword Rack). After several months, I realized I was still missing 2 other types/sizes (blade lengths) of katanas so I bought the Samurai X Aoshi Shinomori Katana Anime Series (all black Double Kodachi that looks like a Nodachi) including the Shogun Vertical Sword Stand (all black). After a year, they are now all displayed in front of my Yoroi (all black Japanese Armor) that I recently got. ALL OF THESE I bought from “the one & only” On-Line Philippine Samurai Sword store. Obviously, I’m a very happy customer of Geisha’s Blade because of their superior service and high quality products, not to mention excellent information sharing. Do I need to state that I will buy again in the future?!?!?

  2. JGM Doc Tore

    I have bought more than 20 swords from Geisha’s Blade but didn’t have a plan before on how I would display them. So I bought individual Single-Tier Sword Stand for each sword. Right now, I placed them all together in one lengthy Katana Kake that holds 11 swords, aside from my two 3-Tiered Stand that holds my two separate sets of Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto (one set “fake” and one set “genuine”), and aside from my two Shogun Vertical Stand that holds separately my Naginatas (one Machine-Made and one Hand-Forged). The fact that I keep buying from Geisha’s Blade only means one thing – their high quality products make me happy and their superior service is very convenient. Did I mention that they share superb information about Katanas and similar subjects?!?

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