Sword Carrying Bag

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“Sword Carrying Bag”


• Overall length: 43.5 inches
• Made of black reinforced synthetic leather
• Detachable shoulder strap
• Plastic handle for easy carrying
• Front pocket holds accessories for maintenance
• Holds 1 sword or 3 bokkens
• Imported from Japan

1 review for Sword Carrying Bag

  1. JGM Doc Tore

    Most people buy this item to obviously carry their swords in between travel from their home to their Dojo and vice-versa. But not me. I bought it to keep my most precious katanas. I have 11 katanas on display in one Katana Kake (assembled together 11 Single-Tiered Stands); and 6 katanas on 2 separate 3-Tiered Stands; and 2 Naginatas on separate Shogun Vertical Stands; and a Daisho (paired long & short sword) in an antler-type stand. Most of them I bought from Geisha’s Blade. But my most precious katanas aren’t displayed but are inside these bags. However, the bags are in display. I bought 2 of them: one is on my Kendo Bogu worn by a mannequin and the other one is on my Yoroi. People don’t realize the importance of the katanas inside them. I RECOMMEND ANYONE WHO HAS A KATANA TO HAVE THESE SWORD BAGS.

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