Gin no Shishi (Silver Lion Dog) Brass Tsuba

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“Shishi Tsuba”

Shishi (Lion Dogs) – Originated in China and Korea is also called “Lion of Fo”, “Lion of Buddha”, or “Dog of Fo”; where “Fo” (fu/foo) being the Chinese word for Buddha. A pair of shishi traditionally stand guard outside the gates of Japanese Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and it is said to have magical properties and the power to repel evil spirits.


• Material: Brass
• Measurements
• Height: 76 mm
• Width: 71 mm
• Thickness (seppa-dai): 8 mm

Nakago-ana (inside measurements)
• Height: 26 mm
• Width (widest part): 8.5 mm

Weight: 196 g

• Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece
• Comes with a wooden display box


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