Kaedama Ryu (Double Dragon) Tsuba

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“Kaedama Ryu Tsuba”

Kaedama Ryu (Double Dragon) – In Japan, dragons go by the names of Tatsu (Old Japanese) and Ryu (Sino-Japanese). They are long, skinny and scaly almost like a mutated serpent and are believed to live around water. According to Japanese tradition, the dragon held the position of a god and represents spirituality and imperial power and are considered to be bringers of wealth and good fortune.


• Material: Zinc Alloy
• Height: 88.5 mm
• Width: 74 mm
• Thickness (seppa-dai): 5 mm

Nakago-ana (inside measurements)
• Height: 27 mm • Width (widest part): 7 mm

Weight: 106 g

• Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece
• Comes with a wooden display box


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