Samurai X Kenshin Himura’s Sakabatou Katana

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“Samurai X Kenshin Himura’s Sakabatou Katana 1050 Anime Series (4th Generation)”

Sakabatou (Reverse Blade) Katana – is a fictional type of Japanese sword popularized by the anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X). The cutting edge on this katana is on the side that curves inward. On a normal katana, the outward curved side of the blade is sharpened, while the inward curved side of the blade is blunt.

This is the most accurate version of the Sakabatou with the tsuba exactly the same as in the anime and manga.

Here are the changes from the 1st gen to the 4th gen:
1st Gen: Inaccurate kissaki (tip) shape
2nd Gen: Accurate kissaki shape, but different tsuba
3rd Gen: Accurate kissaki shape and tsuba as seen in the anime
4th Gen: Since this is a real sword based on the anime, we decided to change the shape of the kissaki to that of the sword used in the live action movie. We believe this kissaki shape is much better than the previous shape.



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