Japanese Red Oak Bokken (Akagashi)


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Japanese Red Oak Bokken (Akagashi)

This bokken is made of Japanese red oak and is imported from Japan. This is a high quality bokken with a natural color that can withstand high impact and frequent bokken-to-bokken contact training, which we have tried and tested! Also, this has a beautiful and pronounced curvature like a real katana. Perfect for daily martial arts training!

Please note that the specs, color, and wood grain may vary slightly from bokken to bokken. Please refer to the last three photos to see the slight differences in color and wood grain per bokken, and curvature.

• Wood: Japanese red oak
• Color: Natural wood color
• Overall length: 40 inches
• Handle length: 10 inches
• Blade length: 30 inches
• Bokken imported from Japan
• Includes plastic tsuba and rubber tsuba-dome made in Taiwan
• Weight: varies between 560 grams to 590 grams
• Grain pattern varies from bokken to bokken


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