Standard Suburito


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Suburi is a Japanese word for practice swings used in sports such as baseball, tennis, golf, and in martial arts. Outside Japan, the word is used exclusively for repetitive individual cutting exercises used in Japanese martial arts such as kendo, aikido, iaido, and kenjutsu.

A suburito is used for practicing suburi (sword swinging exercises). Compared to a regular bokken, the suburito is designed with a longer, wider, and thicker blade, and heavier weight for muscle strengthening and conditioning, to develop physical power. You can strengthen your arms, shoulder, and other muscles of your upper body. It’s also to improve precision in your way of using the sword

Please note that the specs, color, and wood grain may vary slightly from bokken to bokken.

• Wood: Japanese red oak
• Color: Varnished
• Overall length: 45.5 inches
• Handle length: 12 inches
• Blade length: 33.5 inches
• Imported from Japan
• Weight: 900 grams


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