Two-Handed Danish War Sword

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This great sword is a Two-Handed Danish War Sword and it’s classified as an Oakeshott Type XVIIIe. It has a narrow, flattened-diamond section blade with a long ricasso significantly narrower than the rest of the blade. This is a massive sword, yet still light and fast enough to deliver dreadful blows and piercing thrusts. The length of the blade and grip together provides long reach in both cut and thrust. It has a thick downturned cross guard and a Type T “scent stopper” pommel. This sword was generally used in Medieval Europe between 1410 – 1510.

• Edge: Fully sharpened
• Treatment: Hand Forged, Through Hardened, Heat Treated & Tempered, Water Quenched
• Overall Length: 62.5 inches
• Blade Length: 43.25 inches
• Grip: 18.5 inches wood with wire wrap
• Scabbard: 46 inches wood matte black finish
• Fittings: Solid stainless steel
• Pommel: Type T scent stopper (hot-peened)
• Tang: Full tang
• Point of Balance (PoB): 2.75 inches from cross guard
• Center of Percussion (CoP): 16 inches from tip

• Includes carton box


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