Shiro Hannya Mask

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“Shiro Hannya (White Hannya) Mask”

The Hannya mask is a mask used in Japanese Noh theater, representing a female serpent-demon filled with malicious jealousy and hatred. Two bull-like horns sprout from the temples and bulbous, metallic eyes lie half hidden beneath scowling brows. The gaping mouth is full of gold teeth, with upper and lower fangs that heighten her ferocity. The color of the flesh tones of the mask represents the social rank of the woman portrayed. For example a lighter complexion might indicate aristocratic status, light on top and red below indicating lower-class status, and completely red for true demons. The name hannya is a Sino-Japanese word for prajna or wisdom.

Geisha’s Blade offers you the most affordable hannya mask with the same details of high quality, hand carved masks in Japan. Made of impact-resistant, partially recycled plastic. Safe for wearing having no PVC plasticizers. Individually hand painted using acrylic lacquer. Main color is off-white. Horns, eyes, and teeth are metallic gold. The horns are held by screws and can be removed. You can also glue the horns should you wish to.


• Color: Off-white
• Length: 9.5 inches
• Width: 7.25 inches

• Not recommended for use as an airsoft/paintball mask.


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