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NOTE: Current stocks have wire brushed hamon on the blade

What is a “handachi”? A handachi is similar to a tachi but without the “ashi” (hangers). Handachi translates to half-tachi. So it’s a half katana, half tachi hybrid in appearance. It is worn and displayed edge up. Unlike the tachi, which is worn and displayed edge down due to the hangers on the saya.

As the name of the sword suggests, Gin no Sakura (Silver Sakura) Handachi, the fittings of the sword is adorned with sakura. From the kojiri (end cap of the saya), semegane (metal ring on the saya), kurikata (knob on the saya), kuchi-gane (metal ring on the mouth of the saya), tsuba, fuchi (handle collar), up to the kabuto-gane (end cap on the handle).

In Japanese, the cherry blossom is called “sakura”, which is generally believed to be a corruption of the word “Sakuya” (blooming) from the name of Princess “Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime”, who is enshrined on the top of the mountain Fuji. This long name means “tree-flowers-blooming princess”, for the cherry was so well known in those early days in Japan that the flower meant nothing but cherry. The princess was so named because, it is said, she fell from heaven upon a cherry tree.

The sakura is the flower of flowers to the Japanese people. It symbolizes their national character. This is because the life of a samurai of feudal times was proverbially compared to the short-lived cherry blossoms that last “no more than three days”, for a samurai was always ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of his master. Another saying is that “what the cherry is among flowers is the samurai among men”.

• Blade Material: 1060 carbon steel (mono-steel)
• Edge: Fully sharpened
• Treatment: Hand Forged, Through Hardened, Heat Treated & Tempered, Water Quenched
• Overall Length w/ saya: 41 inches
• Blade Length: 28 inches
• Tsuka: 11.5 inches wood
• Saya: 29.5 inches glossy black lacquered finish
• Tsuba / Fuchi / Kabuto-gane / Menuki / Kojiri / Semegane / Kurikata / Kuchi-gane: Zinc alloy
• Habaki / Seppa: Brass
• Tsukaito & Sageo: Black silk/Black-White silk shigeuchi sageo
• Mekugi: 2 bamboo pegs
• Samegawa: Real ray skin panels
• Nakago: Full tang
• Hamon: None

• Specs may vary slightly from sword to sword
• Can be disassembled
• Includes cloth bag and carton box

4 reviews for Gin no Sakura Handachi

  1. riayslyph

    My First Katana. . .and it won’t be the last. . .

    at first i was contemplating on what to buy between Mitsudomoe Katana and Aoshi’s Double Kodachi. . .but when I saw this beauty and checked the details. . . I said to myself “I MUST have this!!”. . .

    why?. . .

    It has a really detailed design. and its great with photoshoots~ :3
    I’m a cosplay photographer that’s why i usually take my katana in photoshoots. . .hehe(yes. . .sadly i have to dull the blade. . .TT^TT. . .but the next one I will buy. . .I swear I won’t make the blade dull!. . .)

    and sometimes I hate the way the cosplayers make the katana. . .
    because of the lack of length(instead of making a katana. . .they usually make a wakizashi TT^TT). . .or the horrible work. . .
    sorry for those who makes katana props. . .but I’m somewhat a critique about katana. . .hehe
    (see my facebook page. . .and look for the album “Gin no Sakura Handachi” to see the pics.)
    sorry for the rant. . .hehe

    and i just plain fell in loved with it~ <3 . . .hahaha~XD

    all in all~. . .i really like the details and how it looks~. . .
    Elegant yet simple when you look at it from a distance. . .but when you look at it up close. . .you'll be amazed with the details~. . . :3

    oh and Geisha's Blade~. . .i think you'll be receiving an order from me soon~. . .planning on buying a Hannya Mask or a Bokken. . .haha~
    depending on my budget. . .again. . .hahaha :3

    -Yves Rodriguez


  2. cogito (verified owner)


    That word is a mere understatement of what this sword is.

    The sword comes in a cardboard box, which inside it is a nice display box, which inside it is a cloth bag, which inside it is the Sakura.

    Believe me, you will not go wrong with this sword.

    The sword may look a bit fancy and corny with all it’s decor on the sheath but when you see it in real life, you will find it beautiful.

    Each metal ornament of sword has the design of cherry blossoms which make this sword very Japanese in nature. I mean the sword type already is, the designs just make it more classic.

    The only part I didn’t like is how the sageo was already running (as in the threads were unraveling) when I first got it.

    I will be using this for practice, and not cosplaying. This sword is beautiful. Hell, I know now why the Samurai value their swords so much that they even believe the sword has its own soul.

  3. bob.villamor (verified owner)

    Of the swords in my collection, this is my current favorite.

    Upon taking it out of the box, the first thing once notices is the deep sori (curvature) of the blade. Apart from the visual appeal, this makes it a great cutter. In my paper cutting tests, it went like a hot knife through butter! It is extremely sharp (as battle ready blades go) and should be handled with extreme care and respect. This sword’s blade geometry makes it handle in a pleasantly different way as compared to my other katanas. Due to the nice bo-hi (fuller), it produces a very nice, distinct tachi kaze (sword wind sound) when swung properly.

    Overall fit and finish was very good, although the sarute (metal loop) at the end of the tsuka (handle) could have been made of more robust material. Also, when I undid the knot of the sageo, I noticed a thin line on the lacquer finish of the saya, which probably resulted from the sageo being put on and knotted before the lacquer had fully dried out.

    Notwithstanding what I consider minor flaws, it is truly a very elegant and functional blade. I would highly recommend this sword (as well as the vertical Shogun stand that I got from Geisha’s Blade to display the sword’s full majesty) to anyone! Keep it up Geisha’s Blade!

  4. Arthur Ralph tolentino (verified owner)

    I received my gin no sakura handachi last thursday (sept. 6, 2018). And wheew it was beauty and elegance pieced together, and the sharpness? It cut through a piece of paper like a hot knife through a butter and as doug marcaida of forge and fire series (history channel) said, “it will kill” hahaha. The curve of the handachi is really the winning feature for me. Quality is 200%. If i could rate it 10 stars i would do it. Thank you sir aldwin for being very accomodating and for the smooth transaction. Expect another order from me in the future. More power and god bless

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