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“Musashi Katana 1050 Iaito Series”

Our 1050 Iaito Series are non-sharpened swords which are made the same way as our live blades, except the edge is dull. These swords are made specifically for practicing iai or kata with the same feel of a real sword without the risk of cutting or injuring yourself or someone else.

Our 1050 Iaito Series are designed after Japanese made iaito. They are fast and agile as the blade thickness near the habaki is about 5-6mm which is much thinner compared to our regular swords. You wouldn’t believe how lightweight these swords are.

(Sharpened version of this sword is also available)


Additional Information


Fully Sharpened, Non-sharpened

• Blade Material: 1050 carbon steel (mono-steel)
• Edge: Non-sharpened
• Treatment: Hand Forged, Through Hardened, Heat Treated & Tempered, Water Quenched
• Overall Length w/ saya: 37.5 inches
• Blade Length: 26 inches
• Tsuka: 11 inches wood
• Saya: 27.5 inches matte black finish
• Tsuba: Iron (hammered finish)
• Fuchi / Kashira / Menuki: Zinc alloy
• Habaki / Seppa: Brass
• Tsukaito & Sageo: Black synthetic silk
• Mekugi: 2 bamboo pegs
• Samegawa: Real ray skin panels
• Nakago: Full tang
• Hamon: Wirebrushed notare (wave) pattern

• Specs may vary slightly from sword to sword
• Can be disassembled
• Includes cloth bag and carton box

3 reviews for Musashi Iaito Katana

  1. ClarkVinoya

    This Musashi iaito katana is my first sword from Geisha’s Blade. Since this is a replica of the famous Miyamoto Musashi’s katana, it is an hounored to own one. Due to it’s light weight and a feel of a real sword in your hands without any worry in hurting yourself, you can develop your swordsmanship skills in this sword. A very durable and safe to sword to practice with. Plus a hammered finish tusba, this sword stand out of its class.

    A wonderful masterpiece from GB.

  2. denimcatfish (verified owner)

    Love the minimalist design and light weight. I practice with it everyday and it hasn’t failed me yet. I wish I had a wakizashi to match it.

  3. Ferdinand II (verified owner)

    I finally got this earlier from Aldwin (really good guy with a lot of knowledge to share). The katana came with a plan brown box wherein the Musashi was securely stored with styro material at both ends. The katana itself was contained in a plain black sword bag. Although, I would advise against using this sword bag when going out with your katana. It’s better if you purchase something more discreet like a camera lightstand bag, a custom leather bag, or anything similar to it like GB’s leather sword bags.

    After unpacking the Musashi, I immediately noticed the matte-finish of the Saya. It has no scratches or dents. The black Sageo’s material is a standard feature for this katana’s price range and level. It’s pretty thin. (Mental note: I’ll have to change it to the much better shigeuchi sageo). The Kurigata looks sturdy, and the Shitodome needs some polishing. The Kojiri isn’t the one that can be removed.

    The Tsuka has a comfortable grip. It also has a slight ‘sexiness’ to it, like a minimal concave shape rather than a straight one. There was some glue stain between the Fuchi and the Ito, which was easily removed. The Menuki is fully secure with the very tightly wrapped Ito. All the diamond patterns created by the Tsuka-ito are almost consistent. The Same is authentic, and the Kashira is appropriately secured as well. The Tsuba has some residue on it, but it was something that I’d gladly ignore since the katana will be used for training and kata anyway. It was also slighty off center.

    I tested the efficiency of the Habaki if it can actually take the weight of the sword by holding the Saya in one hand with the Tsuka at the bottom end. The katana held on without falling out of the Saya. Excellent lock. The Koiguchi has no special metal or bone material. So in the event that it loosens up enough to have the katana fall out of it, I’ll just take a gander at GB’s blog about the DIY fix for it.

    When I unsheathed the katana, it had the usual wax from the inside of the Saya. Good thing I got the GB maintenance kit from my first purchase! So after cleaning it up a bit, I saw every smooth and rough detail on its surface. It’s only natural for a blade of this level to have some minor scratches here and there.

    The Habaki fits snugly right on the Ha-machi. The Seppa also had some type of glue material on it, which I had to scrape off. It’s not really a concern because I’ll be fully polishing and cleaning everything this weekend. To check if there were any parts that did not fit right, I shook the katana by the Tsuka and hit it several times with the palm of my hand as well. Everything’s where it should be.

    Moving onto the Nagasa, the Hamon looks good with its clean Notare wave. The bo-hi is not deep, which is what I wanted. The blade tapers down to a smaller width from the Ha-machi to the Kissaki. Some minor comments about the geometry around the kissaki – It’s just a little bit off, but I won’t be using this for tameshigiri anyway, so it’s not important.

    The Sori just has a slight angle of about an inch at its highest point in the middle from the lowest point at both ends of the katana. It’s definitely the right angle for how I draw a sword. The Mune is very smooth and without dents nor scratches.

    Now I don’t really look at a katana’s balance to be a point somewhere in the middle of the Nagasa, but for information purposes, my Musashi’s POB is at 5.5″ from the Tsuba. I like where the weight is on the katana. It’s easy for me to move around with it. Just keep in mind that a katana’s balance is very subjective. It highly depends on your preference and ability to wield a blade.

    Even though I got the non-sharpened version of this model, it’ll still do some damage if not handled properly. Make no mistake, this is still a blade made of 1050 metal that has a ‘Ha’, which can still cut with enough force behind it, or stab because the Kissaki is still as pointed as the next sharpened blade.

    Overall, MY new Musashi can and will serve its purpose, which is to assist me in learning and developing my form (Kata). Am I a very happy owner of this Iaito? Of course! Am I a satisfied customer? Yes, definitely! Will I buy another katana? I am currently looking at my financial calendar to see if there’s something there that I can scrounge for another blade from GB. 😉 Thank you, Aldwin!

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