Shakugan no Shana: Nietono no Shana Katana (Forged)

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“Shakugan no Shana: Nietono no Shana Katana”

Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 hand forged and fully sharpened version of the Nietono no Shana which is the sword wielded by Shana, the protagonist of the anime series: Shakugan no Shana. She is a Flame Haze, usually referred to by her title “Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter”, or as “Nietono no Shana” (the name of her sword) among the other Flame Haze. She has bound a contract with the Crimson God Alastor, “Flame of Heaven”. The name of the Nietono no Shana literally means “Vairocana of the Offering Room”, in which Vairocana was one of the revered Buddhas in Buddhism.



• Blade Material: 1050 carbon steel (mono-steel)
• Edge: Fully sharpened
• Treatment: Hand Forged, Through Hardened, Heat Treated & Tempered, Water Quenched
• Overall Length w/ saya: 41.5 inches
• Blade Length: 28.5 inches
• Tsuka: 11.5 inches wood
• Mekugi: 2 bamboo pegs
• Saya: 30 inches glossy black lacquered finish
• Tsuba / Fuchi / Kashira / Menuki: Zinc alloy
• Habaki / Seppa: Brass
• Tsukaito: Black synthetic silk
• Samegawa: Real ray skin panels
• Hamon: Wirebrushed notare (wave) pattern

• Specs may vary slightly from sword to sword
• Can be disassembled
• Includes cloth bag and carton box

1 review for Shakugan no Shana: Nietono no Shana Katana (Forged)

  1. zerodryden (verified owner)

    I bought this blade not because I am a fan of Shakugan no Shana (in fact I have not watched a single episode of this anime which after some info from wikipedia is already at their season 3).

    I bought this blade for the simple reason that I honor the way of the samurai and their code of Bushido.

    This sword is a very simple sword, very minimalist in its design and yet it is still made into perfection. A mantra that to this day I try to emulate.

    Thank you Geisha’s Blade for this, for at least allowing us to handle this blade and others like it.

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