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The sai is a traditional weapon used in Okinawa, Japan. The basic form of the weapon is that of a pointed, prong shaped metal baton, with two curved prongs (yoku) projecting from the handle (tsuka). Before its arrival in Okinawa, the sai was already being used in other Asian countries including India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It may have been brought to Okinawa from one or several of these places simultaneously.

In Okinawa the sai was used by domestic police (ufuchiku) to arrest criminals and for crowd control. Use of the sai was perfected in 1668 by Moto Chohei, an Okinawan prince.

(The price is for a pair of sai)

Sai x2
Material: Carbon steel
Overall length: 19 inches
Handle wrapping: Synthetic leather
Color: Chrome
Includes protective carrying case

• Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece
• Packaging: carton box


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