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These tamahagane in a small wooden box came directly from the Nittoho Tatara. We bought these at the Japanese Sword Museum, Sumida City, Tokyo, Japan during our last visit to Japan in 2019. Only 5 boxes left.

The price is per box and you’ll be getting a random box or you can let us know which one in the photo you prefer (if it’s still available).

Check out the article we wrote about tamahagane in the link below when we first visited the Japanese Sword Museum in 2015:

Tamahagane is the steel used by swordsmiths in Japan to make nihonto or Japanese swords. The term is loosely translated to “jewel steel” (tama – ball or jewel, hagane – steel). Tamahagane is a high carbon steel ore, and depending on the grade, the carbon content ranges from 0.5% – 1.5%. It is produced from iron sand called “satetsu” collected from the Chugoku region of Japan.

Tamahagane are made by the tatara, which is a traditional Japanese furnace used for smelting iron and steel. Currently, there are only a few tatara in Japan and the small chunks of tamahagane ore that we have were made by the ‘Nittoho Tatara’ in Shimane Prefecture, Japan.



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