Vintage Women’s Japanese Rain Geta Sandals w/ Toe Cover

Product Description

Vintage Japanese rain geta sandals imported from Japan. Carved out of one-piece hinoki wood. The two “teeth” of the geta are part of the base board, and are not glued or nailed like other cheap geta. It also have rubber grips at the bottom of the teeth.

This pair of rain geta comes with a leather toe cover that can be easily removed. The leather “hanao” straps lined with the same fabric as the toe covers are in excellent condition. The hinoki wood is beautifully lacquered in black with 2 abalone shell inlay in the design of a sakura flower. Although this pair of geta has never been used, there is small dent on one of the geta.

We apologize for the dusts on the geta ^_^



• Base board length: 22.5cm
• Base board width: 7.5cm
• Height: 5cm


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