Blade: Daywalker’s Sword

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“Blade: Daywalker’s Sword”

Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 version of the Daywalker’s Sword as seen in the “Blade” movies. Blade the vampire hunter, is half man, half vampire, that hunts the undead with the aid of his sword. He is known as the “Daywalker” because his half human blood allows him to walk in sunlight, which kills vampires.


• Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
• Double Edge: Non-sharpened
• Treatment: Machine made
• Overall Length w/ saya: 36.5 inches
• Blade Length: 27 inches
• Handle: 8 inches zinc alloy
• Tactical Scabbard: 28.5 inches w/ back strap
• Hamon: None

• Specs may vary slightly from sword to sword
• Not recommended for martial arts training
• Cannot be disassembled
• Includes carton box


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