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The Unokubi Zukuri Tanto, as the name implies, has an unokubi zukuri blade shape. The term unokubi translates to “cormorant’s neck”. It refers to the tapering of a portion of the back of the blade giving it a false edge, while retaining the shape of the kissaki. The blade has a small groove called “soe-hi” that runs along the shinogi or ridge line of the blade. It also has a “koshi-hi” which is a short groove with a rounded top. The koshi-hi usually suggests the sword of Fudo Myoo. It’s meaning is the same as the “Ken” horimono (engraving) which is the symbol of power of Buddha (or any Buddha). It’s the most simple symbol of prayers. A koshi-hi with a longer soe-hi suggests a Buddha with his polearm.

Stocks from August 2019 onwards, now have a new fuchi-kashira that’s the same as on our Raijin katana and wakizashi. On the new kashira, you’ll see Raijin’s companion, the demon Raiju (“thunder animal” or “thunder beast”). Raiju is generally calm and harmless, during thunderstorms, it becomes agitated and leaps about in trees, fields, and even buildings (trees that have been struck by lightning are said to have been scratched by Raiju’s claws). This tanto would complement the Raijin Katana and Raijin Wakizashi pair.

• Blade Material: 1050 carbon steel (mono-steel)
• Edge: Fully sharpened
• Treatment: Hand Forged, Through Hardened, Heat Treated & Tempered, Water Quenched
• Blade Length: 10 inches
• Tsuka: 5.25 inches wood
• Overall length w/o saya: 16.75 inches
• Saya: 12.25 inches glossy black lacquered finish
• Tsuba: Iron
• Fuchi / Kashira: Zinc alloy
• Habaki / Seppa / Menuki: Brass
• Tsukaito & Sageo: Black synthetic silk
• Mekugi: 1 bamboo peg
• Samegawa: Real ray skin panels
• Nakago: Full tang
• Hamon: None

• Specs may vary slightly from sword to sword
• Can be disassembled
• Includes cloth bag
• Packaging: carton box

5 reviews for Unokubi Zukuri Tanto

  1. Paolo Rojo

    i love this baby.. small and sharp

  2. Rey Punzalan (verified owner)

    The blade is designed and forged a real beauty. Including it’s fittings. Had a minor problem but it’s easily fixed by coordinating with Sir Aldwin.
    I’m glad to have this in my collection. Including my Kumokiri Daisho.

    The set is really Admired by my whole family when I finaly displayed it.

    Thanks Geisha’s Blade

  3. Oliver H.

    Just bought this item yesterday, along with the just released Raijin wakizashi, and I am very satisfied with this blade. This is the perfect addition to the Raijin daisho if you are looking for a three-piece display.

  4. Ed Luciano (verified owner)

    Got this together with the Raijin Katana. Equally as impressive as the larger blade. I don;t know how to use these but I will be proud to display them as works of art for other to appreciate. Thank you Sir Aldwin…

  5. GunFall (verified owner)

    A quality made product, I’m glad that I was able to place my order right before they went out of stock!

  6. Richard Marc Lorena (verified owner)

    Just got this UnoKubi Zukuri Tanto this morning.

    I might say that I am totally amaze by this masterpiece. It came with a box and a black cloth with a tie. It feels heavy and longer than what I thought.
    When I open the cloth bag, the Raiju on the kashira is very well indicated. Then the tsuka is very good with its tsuka-ito being well placed and balance.
    When I draw the blade, the habaki have a good contact with the koiguchi. I tried to make a quick draw and it doesn’t failed me.
    Now the blade, the most sexy thing that you will ever notice on a japanese swords. The sori is very nice, it looks like as if this tanto is a katana with a shorter blade.

    Looking forward for my next purchase!! Thank you very much Sir Aldwin!

  7. Jackson Belenzo (verified owner)

    The shape of the blade is unique among others I suppose and I really like it.
    Now this blade completes the 3-tier sword stand rack also bought here.

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