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This shoto (short bokken) is made of 100% polypropylene making it lightweight, impact resistant, and almost unbreakable. Why almost? Well, polypropylene (PP) is a form of plastic so it still has its limitations, but we guarantee that the blade is very durable against normal use. You can hit another bokken (may it be wood or PP) as hard as possible and the PP blade won’t get any dents. It will get scuff marks, but that’s about it. Another good thing about the PP blade is that it won’t get any splinters like a wooden bokken. We even tried hitting the blade with a hammer, and still no dents (see video below).

Plastic Saya sold separately

As mentioned earlier, PP still has it’s limitations, it is weak against edged corners. If you accidentally hit the corner of your concrete wall, it will definitely get dented. Yes, we tried it so you don’t have to 😅 . Though as per our tests, it can withstand hitting edged corners made of wood. Since PP is a form of plastic, the blade may or may not be bent when you receive it. But don’t worry, you can easily straighten it again. The manufacturer actually has a sticker note on the packaging:

Be careful when straightening or applying excessive force when bending/straightening near the handle where the plastic material is much thicker and rigid.

Review by Aldwin as a Japanese sword art practitioner: “It has it’s pros and cons. One of its biggest pros is that it’s very durable and sturdier than a wooden bokken. You don’t have to worry about getting a new wooden bokken after years and years of usage, especially if you hit very hard. The tsuka is molded like a real sword which feels very comfortable and provides better grip. Since it’s plastic, it’s not stiff like wood, it’s flexible just like a real blade. When doing suburi (practice swings), my cuts/swings feels great. Perfect for practicing forms and even for heavy sparring. For me, the only con I found is that it’s lightweight. It’s lighter than the wooden bokken I use, or maybe I’m just not used to it. Others may prefer a lighter bokken, so that’s a pro. Overall, this is a great training weapon.”

We already did a lot of impact test on this polypropylene blade, we hit it with a wooden bokken and another polyprolyne blade, then we hit it with a hammer (see video above). Then we did another impact test with a hammer again to take advantage of natural light so you can see it better. Still no dents, only scuff marks. See video below.

• Material: Polypropylene
• Edge: Blunt
• Blade design: Like a wooden bokken
• Color: Black with wood grain texture
• Overall length: 23.5 inches
• Blade length: 16.25 inches
• Handle length: 6.25 inches
• Includes rubber tsuba and tsuba-dome
• Weight: approx 330g
• Made in Taiwan
• Packaging: bubble wrap


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