Jutte Sword Breaker


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The jutte or jitte is one of the best known truncheon-like weapons in Japan. The jutte is also sometimes referred to as the ‘sword breaker’ as in the hands of a master, it is possible to not only trap, but also to break a sword blade (though this requires great strength and extensive understanding of both the jutte and the sword). The jutte consists of a metal rod with a round, square, hexagonal, or octagonal cross-section, and fitted with an “L-shaped” hook known as the tachimogi no kagi (literally, “sword-plucking hook”) just above the handle. Our version has a round metal rod and the tachimogi no kagi is cleanly welded on the rod. This is stronger than fitting the hook in the rod.

The jutte is often associated with the Edo-period policemen, as it was a symbol of his authority as well as being a useful weapon for apprehending criminals. The jutte used by officers was fitted with a cord and tassel of different colors, depending on the rank. Lower-ranking policemen and their assistants were not allowed to use a jutte with a tassel. In addition to being a symbol of the Edo-period policemen, the jutte was often carried by troublemakers as well.

(The price is for a pair of jutte)

• Material: Carbon steel
• Overall length: 41cm
• Handle wrapping: Synthetic silk cord with tassel
• Color: Chrome
• Weight: approx 420g each

• Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece
• Includes carton box


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